Hallowquest Lesson 56

3/29/02 4:19pm

Today: Well I haven’t felt that well today. Mostly I have slept. Aia left with Shawn this afternoon. I’ll see her Sunday. She is my little light. Lately she has kept crawling in bed with me.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Sword Four
Guide: Spear King
Teacher: Grail Hermit

A day of rest and reflection. Boy hasn’t that been today? I’ve needed it but it isn’t over. I want to go out tonight…perhaps after I eat. I left my window open today, so that I could look at the blue of the sky when I opened my eyes.

Meditation: Totemic Triads, Set One
Dragon Wren, Hawk(ravens)
Acedentally pulled the Seeker instead of Merlin at first..but this was healing. It felt nice.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
Tyranny is the exercise of some power over a man, which is not warranted by law, or necessary for the public safety. A people can never be deprived of their liberties, while they retain in their own hands, a power sufficient to any other power in the stateNoah Webster






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