Hallowquest Lesson 60

05/19/02 8:31pm

Today: I spent today on my webpage and some graphic stuff. We had a psa meeting and dinner. Aia comes home tomarrow. I can’t wait to see her. Then off to Grandma’s.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Grail Nine
Guide: Stone King
Teacher: Sovereignty

I feel that this related mostly to the psa meeting tonight. We talked about ideas and foundatons, got things off our chests. It was good and simple.

1. Well the layout seems to go left to right, earth, person, spirituality. They seem to be paths to the goal of oneness with the seekering being both the first and final card.

2. I did the sixth chakra.
16: Spear Five
17: Sword Two
18: Stone Four
Extra: Sword Nine

What is my Quest: To get past my struggle and desires and reach a calm state.

What must I let go of to achieve my Quest: Let go of hesitation and compromise? I guess I need to be more forceful.

How will the world be renewed by the fulfillment of my Quest: I can take time to fulfill my spiritual and material desires without worry.

Extra: Let go of my guilt and and doubts. I really don’t need them do I?

Meditaion: Chakras
I felt pulled by the left, the side I associate with earth. I kept looking at the cards and seeing the Stone King. He gave me the board and said I was on the right path. I guess I am. I am.

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