Hallowquest Lesson 63

6-2-02 8:54am

Today: Another day to myself. Aia will be home tonight..I’ll try to get some more work done.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Spear Eight
Guide: Grail Maiden
Teacher: The Green Knight

Hrm…progress and and challenge…fullfiling desires….Perhaps getting something done? Learning something new?

Meditation: Vigil of Dedication in the Sanctuary of the Hallows

Sword Hallow Sight Unseen(was same as Spear): The Flowering of Logres
Spear Hallow 28: The Grail Hermit
Grail Hallow 41: The Sleeping Lord
Stone Hallow 54: The Cauldron

1. Aia and I twirled through grass meadows. Someone laughed and I knew this was right.

2. I sat next to the fire of the Hermit. He wrote silently. I finally lay down and he said, yes sleep when you can…you need the rest but you have a short time for it. He gave me his book…here you will need to learn.

3. I sat near a tree in the landscape of the sleeping lord. He came through the tree and told me that though I deserve rest it is the time of awakening. That I must strive forward being myself at all times. He was pleasently surprised when my astrial self merged with my physical self and he touched my nose.

4. The woman were quiet around the cauldron. Like before I stuck my arm in and stired it. Gold covered my arm. In the cauldron I saw Aia and myself. I know where the true gold lies.

Best start praying to your dear and fluffy lordMal Reynolds






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