Hallowquest Lesson 7

03/28/2001 9:43pm

I seem really sick and achey lately. It is hard to focus. I just plan to read through lesson seven tonight, get a feel for it. I will do a reading tomarrow.
Hallowquest Lesson 7
03/29/2001 8:04pm

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Sword Seven
Guide: Spear Queen
Teacher: The Sleeping Lord

This has definatly how I’ve been feeling lately. It’s hard to think and focus. I need to rethink my plans and how I go about things. I need to be more dedicated, I think.

Healing the card speaks to me. I think I need to heal my spirit a bit. I feel very down.

Learn the lesson of resurrection, of renewal. How can I renew myself.

1. I’m not taking very good care of myself. I need to exercise more. Perhaps if I put myself in a daily schedule?

2. I’m giving up time. I feel I have so little of it. Time to exercise, to be with my husband, to get other work done.

3. Finding a new webserver could mean less space, more options, but reworking of links and things I have joined.

5. The past.

6. My husband.

I used this day for rest. I read a bit, played with Aia, watched some tv. I cooked dinner. It was a nice change.
Hallowquest Lesson 7
03/31/2001 11:57am

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Sword Seven
Guide: Grail Queen
Teacher: The White Hart

Again Sword Seven…I did not do what I was supposed to. I must dedicate myself more.

A deeply emotional person….my daughter seems to fit this right now. Poor dear has gotten more immunizations yesterday.

The lovers card…perhaps I should focus more on my husband. Yes I think that is the overall meaning of this reading.

We have a childbirth reunion to go to. Perhaps games later…but it doesn’t look likely. Did a lot of shopping yesterday and gaming. It was fun. 🙂 Shawn acciedentally scared Grace. Poor kitten. Today we are both very tired.

Meditation: Sword Maiden, Sword Two, Sword Three

The mediations were disturbing today. “Percivere” was all the maiden told me, though the scabbard was gold and silver intwined with blood and brilliant colors. I felt the urgency I felt before in Sword Two. I had to run. As I reached the bridge I became the hawk free and flying. I dove through out the forests of Sword Two finding leaves and green stones. The I suddenly was on the hill of the maiden, it was barren and I was screaming.
Hallowquest Lesson 7
04/02/2001 12:36 am

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Sword Two
Guide: Grail Queen
Teacher: The Round Table

I always feel a sense of urgency with this card. I don’t know why as it always screams “THINK!”

These to cards come in conjunction often. Perhaps I should meditate upon her for a bit.

Hrm some one like this will be very influential to me…when?

My grandparents came up today. They are so good with the baby. Aia didn’t really know what to think though. We cleaned. I slept alot and got some work done. It looks like I’ll have my own domain soon.

Meditation: Grail Queen
Be at peace, be one with all, seems the message of the grail queen. Like sovereignty I must relax and let myself over to the tides of the world.

I dreamed a thousand new paths… I woke and walked my old one.Chinese Proverb






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