Hallowquest Lesson 8

04/06/2001 7:41pm

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Grail Nine
Guide: Spear Knight
Teacher: Arthur

I was kind of sick again today. We’ve gotten a new kitten, Topaz. She learning to be with other cats but so far has won Grace over. Aia is growing and has discovered her feet! I feel so tired of late, I wonder what it is. Tomarrow we see Donna, then off to Misty & Tedd’s for games and such.

Mediation: The White Hart
It was a pleasing moment. Full of sun and trust. Very comfortable. The White Hart gave me protection power for me to hold in a vessel of my choosing. In rose petals I burned a bird showed its face. A portent of power.

Hallowquest Lesson 8
04/10/2001 8:20pm

Reading: 15 Card Story for Swords

1. Sword Maiden

You will carry on

2. Sword Two

Through war and hatred

3. Sword Three

Accept what is

4. The White Hart

For your heart to follow

5. Sword Ten

Hold true to prevail through death and life

6. Grail Ten

All that is happiness will be yours

7. Grail King

Look to your friends for council

8. Sword Eight

Be lead by duty, though others will doubt you

9. Grail Knight

Hold to your dreams

10. Stone Knight

But hold yourself responisble and do what you have to

11. Grail Four

Go out in to the world to experience the new, yet hold to the responsible

12. Sword Six

You will prevail

13. Stone Two

Accept the surprises and continue

14. The Moon

Dream on Seeker

15. The Grail Hermit

Know yourself and you will know all.

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.Mary Anne Radmacher






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