Hallowquest Lesson Six

03/20/2001 7:41pm Spring Equinox

I took a hiatus from the time I finished lesson 5 on the 15th to the first day of spring and the beginning of lesson six. My daughter grows and we ready for our first vacation since before my husband and I were married. My friends are planning a fushigi yuugi athon this weekend. It will be held here the first night and some where else the secound. I have start my graphics art training and passed the first test. I’m almost finished learning poser. Things look bright, but Stephanie’s grant is extremely hard.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Stone Eight
Guide: Stone Queen
Teacher: The Cauldron

I must be pointed in the right direction, getting ready for school…taking corispondence courses…and learning whenever I can.

Someone noble and pratical…understanding of the land? Sercure but lacks faith in herself…the more I read about this card the more I see me?

A balance of personality…learning…a good study day.

1. Our country is turning into a dictatorship. A man as assumed a throne that is not his. Pain engulfs me daily…both physical and mental. My emotions seem to be beating at a wall in my mind.

2. Education.

3. Assasination…Revolution.

Meditation: Sword Ten
It is a round room with doors on all sides. It smells musty and light protrudes from cracks in the walls. Each door opens to a new world. Otherwise the place is empty. I write my misdeeds and remedys in the book I find in the locked room. I tare apart my misdeeds destroying and begin to right my wrongs.
I become the hawk. The air is dry in need of water. What water there is is clear. I here the wind whistling and the people of the land bustling about. Lots of noise, but happy noise. The water is cool and nice.

Hallowquest Lesson 6
03/23/2001 12:45pm

We are watching FY tonight. Should be fun. I hope Misty gets here early. I did the spring ritual and spent thursday reading this lesson. The ritual worked so well for me I think I will incoporate it into spring every year. As I look through my things I found that I had a sword token, a dagger from a friend made of ebony and german steel. I also had a grail, spear and stone token. A brass bowl, a sharpened stick that a tree gave me once, and a small river stone from the college I go to now. It is amazing how you find tools and uses come to them and the appropriate time. We’ve been rearranging a bit with Tylar gone. I’ve passed all my tests for the first unit of the graphics artist course. The second unit is on its way. I’m almost done with my poser tutorials. I’ve made the figure for the sky god.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Sword Six
Guide: Sword Maiden
Teacher: Grail Hermit

Success after trouble? My own tiredness blocks me. Lazy. I’m trying my first day without prozac, so perhaps it will be better.

A fresh new look this card seems to say to me.

Learning and advice from an older friend or person. Truth?

Meditation: Sword Hallow
Today as I meditated, I few with the sword in the shape of a hawk. I flew over forests and oceans, rivers and plains. In one lake I saw a purple glint. I swooped down and picked up a purple gem and stone. I came to earth under a tree as the sword maiden. There I sat with my new treasures and the scabbard and sword. I knew I had a tool and a weapon that would be ever faithful.
Afterwords I look through my stone collection and found the treasures. I put them in the pouch that I’ve reserved for the hallowquest.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
I hear and I forget. I see and I believe. I do and I understand.Confucius (551-479 BC)






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