Happily Ever After

Aia is okay. She passed the penny. We’ve had a long talk about what is acceptable to put in one’s mouth.

Over at Making Light they reported that the Milky Way is not a spiral galaxy but a barrel one.

Read the article here.

I think the new pic is much prettier and symmetrical. My pagan balance antennae dance to that music.

And as I already told one poster:

The question in my mind is, is it a Milky Way Dark, or a Milky Way Light?

Dark. That was a silly question. Light Milky Ways pale in comparison.

And does the Bar at the Center of the Galaxy serve pan-galactic gargle blasters?

It better.

And no, I feel no need to apologize.

The Bush indictment post below got me a link to Sinequanon’s Journal. Mostly politically based but I like.

So I realize that I haven’t been blogging the whole novel thing. Well I’m still on days 4, 5 and 6. I do little bits each day. Today I’m going for chapter 9.

Only twenty one more to go!

This weekend should be a writing weekend. The latest on eharmony may get me a new open communication, but it is early in the game. So no dates. Just nice music, coffee and writing. I’m loving these weekends.

Speaking of eharmony, I got these books in the mail about dating from them. I’m going to read them. I’ve never read a dating book before. At least I don’t thing you can count Fulghum’s books as dating books.

I closed off communication with one guy who said he had basically quit and asked people to email him off the site if interested. I wasn’t but the profile made me leery. I tried googling eHarmony horror stories but didn’t find any. I’ve only found one story at all so far, a nice happily ever after.

So that leaves four opens and one on hold. I’ve got two on open communication so far but one hasn’t ever sent another message (seems nice though but busy) and the other said the “ask me any thing line” which, after asking that, two other people closed off communication on me.

I realize that the tarot reading page needs more help. I’m working on it.

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