Happy Thoughts in a Storm

So we’ve had this wonderful rainstorm all day. Now it has turned to snow, and we were just getting flowers too.

My office is an office now. I still have filing and stuff to put away. Blargh. It’s much better though.

Other than that I have one chapter left on my novel. ONE. And I will have a full manuscript which means time to edit. Just got to hunker down. Painting should recommence shortly as my painting area is set up. I primed a few minis yesterday but ran out of primer. I need to get some…maybe I’ll make it to Total Escape this weekend. I want to have the mini for our Warhammer RPG game finished. Wish me luck.

So I’m going to get some cleaning done. I’ve had a lot of web sites to do lately…so maybe I’ll finish putting up porfolio images.

The CIA convened an open panel of scientists in January to discuss potential terrorist uses of life-science research, and the panel concluded that,despite the risks, openness in scientific study was absolutely crucial; in April, the CIA suppressed the panel’s conclusions on openness as classified.[Federation of American Scientists Secrecy News, 4-2-03]



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  1. Steph Avatar

    I want to read it! I can help with the basic editing!!

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