Health Insurance is not Health Care

Health insurance is not health care. Obama’s health care package is really a boost the health insurance. Apparently folks don’t know the difference. Let me just clarify.

Health insurance is bet that you will get sick. You are betting against the health insurance company. If you don’t get sick, they win, and you pay. If you do get sick, you win, but they don’t have to pay. Let me just repeat that:

They don’t have to pay.

Your money would have better odds in a slot machine.

Health insurance is crutch that bad doctors use to limit treatment or as an excuse not to treat you at all.

If you have been denied treatment because a health insurance company won’t pay or told your cured when you are not cured because health insurance is done paying, then you have a bad doctor.

Do you want to fix health care in this country. Then stop paying health insurance. The money you save you need to put away for emergency care or other health problems. Doctors can’t foist the the cost calculations to you and you won’t be locked into paying what insurance wants to make you pay.

Fixing health care in the US is going to be hard. The only way to do it is to first stop paying health insurance companies. Stop betting on your health and take responsibility for it. Once health insurance companies are out of business, doctors and hospitals will be force to actually price health care. Nine times out of ten, your cannot get a real price or answer on health care involved with health insurance.

So recap:

Stop paying health insurance. The money you save will pay for your health care.

Stop visiting doctors who refused to help you without insurance.

After that’s done we can start dealing with doctors who do nothing, making a condition worse, but still require you pay them. Next step is to stop paying doctors who lie.

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