Home Again

I’m back from Playa del Carmen. It was a great trip. My family is still insane. We had nearly non-stop rain but that was great! No bugs and a nice even temp. And it made the waves in the ocean incredible.

Iberostar is a nice resort. We had to laugh beacause the nice smooth paths the cars used, but the rain soaked uneven stone walkways were still rain soaked uneven stone walkways when drunk. Which was quite often.

I managed to get stung by a jelly fish but it was a thimble jelly fish…which felt like a splinter but otherwise the mark doesn’t bother me. Aia didn’t want to leave, she was having too much fun with the grandparents.

The ruins, Chitzan Itza, were amazing. If you stand in a certain spot and clap, the pyramid sqeeks at you. I know, get the pictures off the camera.

My uncle was offered a small boy in town, he refuse. Barganing went well. Aia didn’t fuss about and even got herself some soveniers for a $1, down from 10$. Two was pretty, if Americanized. The food was wonderful, if fattening.

While there I kind of got charged up to study Japanese again. A quick search had a ton of online lessons…so we’ll see what happens.

M. had me try her Bare Minerals makeup while we were there. It’s nice stuff…I think I might buy some. Now it’s just getting back into the grove.

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