Hopefully this is the worst thing to happen in November. But it still sucks.

My BF forgot my birthday.

I know he forgot my birthday because I receive an email about how he’s setup a family hockey night for that day with his friends. And he’s checking that my daughter’s going too.


So I sent an email that just said, “um…birthday”, because I’m too upset to write anything else. I shouldn’t be that upset, right? Except it’s my birthday. The same birthday that I’ve never had a birthday party for, much less acknowledgment for except from my dad and my current boyfriend and the folks at City Market when I turned 18.

So yeah, I’m bitter. I figure it’s better not tell folks when my birthday is. That way I don’t have to expect them to remember it. Luckily he responded to my email.

No, my birthday is the previous week. Oh, yours… well we can do hockey for your birthday. No, don’t shoot me. I’ll find a different day for hockey.


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2 responses to “Hopefully this is the worst thing to happen in November. But it still sucks.”

  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    It is also possible that the hockey is a cover for a party…

  2. Michelle Avatar

    J. is very strict about birthdays.

    For him they’re kind of like fight club.

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