I Hear You Las Vegas

Apparently, Las Vegas wants me.

A week does not go by that some casino, real estate broker, or strip club spams my guest book…mostly with links that do not work.

Usually the post is about something different. Once some one even denounced the other posters while hiding the Las Vegas links in words like here or hi.

Obviously, I am prime for Las Vegas advertising real estate. Apparently, single pagan mothers of Colorado are perfect for telling folk about Las Vegas. I am sure gamblers, strippers, and prospective homebuyers come to my site specifically to find out the latest on new casinos and housing complexes in the Las Vegas, Nevada region. Who cares that I am in Colorado, I must be hot.

I wonder if my name is in lights?

Therefore, lets stop being coy. Make me an offer. I will put your banner smack in the middle of my page if you pay me enough.

Hey, give me $60,000 a year and I will spruce up those sorry looking sites you link to.

So I hear you Las Vegas, I am like every other slut in that town (besides being in that town).

I can be bought, for a price.

Are you ready to pay it?

Copyright Michelle Norton

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