I Like Snow

I like snow, I like rain.

I keep hearing on the radio and reading online that all these SAD patients…are horribly depressed by winter, or Janu-Feb or what have you. Some of you read this blog.

And really I don’t care.

I want it to snow all the time. I want it to rain every day. I like that. I like the snow…it makes things look pretty, it’s fun, and the air has to stay fairly warm for it to snow. I like the rain, I like the way it smells, I like how it washes everything.

And I like to sit by my window and watch it come down while I read.

I also like the sun. I like being warm…but I don’t like heat. I don’t get depressed about it. I hate being cold…still don’t get depressed.

So yes, I’m being callous. Still don’t care. If it bugs you that I don’t care, tell me. I’ll buy you a florescent light bulb.

Not really, cause I don’t care.

Product of modern society disorders drive me nuts. SAD is one of them. If you can’t function like a normal person because it snows in winter no one can help you.

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