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Generally, I’ve been keeping pagan workings on 78 Images but other pagan things get discussed here…while permanent articlesWhich I am wont to ignore. end up in the Particles section whenever I get a wild hare to write them.

I feel the need to mention that all my blogs except Particles has a Feed Burner feed…however you can always just read my Livejournal to which all my blog postsThe exception is again, Particles…I would like to keep those here…some of the tarot and pagan ones have ended up on 78 Images though… post…or the widgets on Covenspace or Myspace are also good bets but they only give you partials and the links are hard to get.

So me as a pagan…I’ve got a definite Norse bent. That’s just from my interests as a child. It wasn’t until I was halfway through college that I had brushings with Asatru which came in the form of Wandis…a CUUPS member and later a leader in the PSA. I had heard of Asatru but I had never witnessed it. In my mind she remains the pinnacle of Asatru. She might disagree with me, but as I meet other Asatru now I find my mind wandering back to her and thinking that others haven’t measured up.

Now I’m not Asatru. I think I can live with the Heathen label…along with the Witch and Pagan one I wear. Still, I have my beliefs which include a heavy dose of Northern Paganism. This is includes Celtic beliefs.

Ancestry wise the majority comes from Northern Europe and the British Isles. There’s a little of that Baltic in there perhaps some NAQuestionable and if so then is probably through Canada and untraceable.. Other than that it is up in the air…but that’s only one line and even that is a pretty straight shot right back to England. Nortons are like weeds…we’re every where and into everything.

It’s not that I’m questioning my faith. I’m not. I’m just having a sort of epiphany. I’m reading these things, these very Asatru things and finding myself nodding my head in agreement. Perhaps it’s my Liberal Conservative leanings, or that I’m a Republican even though I vote Democratic or independent 98% of the time. No that’s not right…I don’t know what it is. My practices and beliefs are mine…but I agree.

Funny that.

I’ve taken the time to know my history, my beliefs and my surroundings…what bothers me is that others don’t. Some can’t…not completely…but a little is always there.

This brings me back to the DaVinci Code. I keep hearing pagans say that gives us good press? How so really? Pagans aren’t doing the things that happen in that book…we aren’t hold the secrets to other religions. Well there is that whole Great Rite thingStill makes me want to strangle Sophie, but the only pagans practicing that are Wiccans and perhaps a few charismatic cults. As for Jesus having a wife and kids, there are good Christian and Jewish reasons for that which has nothing to do with paganism.


That was rambling. At least the mead is still bubbling.

Aia is doing better. We’ve narrowed down the bully. Now we just have to watch him.

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