I promise you pictures all the time…

I know I know. I owe you Mexico pictures still…and other pictures sitting on my computer at home. I’ll get to those before this year Vegas trip…really.

But I do have pictures of the target practice we did this weekend. We spent Saturday out a J.’s land. First we had to herd the goats out of the way. Herding goats with a Cadillac is not as easy as it sounds. Goats don’t understand that a horn means move. First they ran through the fence to the cows. The cows started dancing. So the goats ran back into the road.

Then the goats across the road that weren’t there to begin with ran into the road…presumably to see what was making the horn noise.

At this point they stood there and discussed us for a few minutes. I’m laughing the entire time while J. was cursing.

Luckily we had the Iphone to document our case:

This was about 10 minutes of horn honking in.

But then we got there. With one short hike to the berm we were shooting. I was doing pretty good with the .22.

The rest of the weekend was wasted in FFXI. Not much else got done…some laundry…but I was bad with the books and all.

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