I Promise…Pictures will Follow

So Friday night came and I tried to turn on my laptop. But the ac adapter was bunked.

::insert tear session here::

Luckily the battery was fully charged…and the computer started up fine as long as I didn’t have it plugged in. And lo there was a backup…not the best as none of the back ups included the modules I had been working on.

Then we went camping. Besides the fact that the folks we went with weren’t the kind of people you wanted with you in a survival situation much less a car camping one…we had fun. J.’s car broke down on the way back. That resulted in me on the side of the road with guns and dogs while I waited for J. to come back with the rental. Thank you M. for finding the cab!

I got to shoot J.’s new mini 14. That was a lot of fun. The dogs loved being outside until it got hot. When we finally got home 5 hours after the original eta…we showered then slept until 5am this morning.


I called tech support…there’s a new ac adapter on the way. Got the old usb sent off to data recovery. Now I just need to write some modules.


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