I said to Mac, I says…Narnia is Cool

So we were discussing (kind of) computers this weekend. The J. mentioned that on the new Intel Macs you can run both xp and 10.4.
So come June (or January) or when ever I have the money I’m switching to Mac.
Will I really get best of both worlds? I hope so 🙂 And before anyone says so, I don’t want to build my own computer, I don’t like doing that anymore than I have too.
Okay, so I finally got the word count thing all figured out. After chopping and typing on my current projects, I’m a 48,000 words on three projects. I’ve only included projects that I’m currently writing, (though if the writer of the widgets gets to making a submission tracking widget then I’ll enter any currently submitted works).
I still can’t get the progress bar to show, so until (if ever) I get that working I’ll keep using my sig as I currently have it. I like looking at my progress though, and it keeps thing organized for me.
More crap. The author of Keynote (a note taking software) has called it quits. He claims there are newer software packages out there that do better than this. I haven’t seen any that compare. I love keynote. But I’m leery. I need software that can keep my world details, my ideas, and my to-dos all together. I’ve never been satisfied with it all. Keynote creates a tabbed file that can have either a word processor or a treepad type section all in the same file. You can name the tabs, etc.
I have files for each of my novels, for my ideas, for my worlds and for my website. My website file, for example, has eight tabs. Seven are notepad tabs for different sections of my site, one of which is just for my blog sig. The last tab is a treepad with to-do items which I can check off and keep details and snippets in each node. My idea file has five tabs. Four are treepad tabs for Novel Ideas (and progress), Short Stories (ditto), Various Ideas/Characters, and Story Snippets that I’ve written on the fly but have no story to go in. The last tab is a notepad, just for notes.
I’ll keep using it. But eventually it won’t translate to new OS’s. Any suggestions?
I’m not looking for Novel Writing software, I’m looking for stuff that lets me track all those niggling writing details. But it has to be flexible….there are plenty that track characters (hell, ywriter, my word processor of choice, handles that) but then I need locations, items, glossaries, and more.
There was Novelpro for a while but it hasn’t been in development for years and it fails on newer OS’s, plus it doesn’t have place for everything I need.
I did got see Narnia, despite a thwarted attempt on Friday. J. and I both liked it. For myself, I don’t mind the mixing of mythos, or the Christian themes (come on folks, none of those themes in this allegorical fairy tale are wholly Christian, get over it, they are good things).
I loved the actors and the animal animation was brilliant…loved those griffins!! I thought the symbolism apt, though I was a little disappointed in the resurrections scene. It was true to the book but I have the problem with the book also, it’s just too quick.
The scene where Aslan leaves is pretty, and I like the beach metaphor. The blood of the traitor scene was very poignant in movie. I loved the duality and rules it implies. It works with my worldview, which is not Christian, in case you missed that.
Over all I was pretty happy with it. They only cut two scenes as far as I could tell: the Christmas Feast and the weapons…but they combined this in a meeting with Santa Claus (and yes, the appropriate sibling finds this unbelievable).
I would not take a kid under 7 to see this. If nothing else, the sacrifice scene is frightening, (that is when all the kids at the theater we saw it at started bawling). I plan to let my daughter see it after it comes out on DVD. By that time, I will have read the book to her.
I’ve heard two types of negative reactions so far. The first being that they did not like the mixing of mythos, of the fact they were children etc. They had the same problems with the books. (Tolkien mixed mythos too, but it was less obvious.) I find that a valuable opinion. Unless you’ve read the book as a kid (a time when those type of tales hold water) it is hard suspend disbelief…except they do so with Harry Potter. Well, it’s not my opinion, let those people explain it.
The other has to with an understanding of mythology and you’re beliefs. If you are a recovering Christian, or have some vendetta against Christianity then perhaps, you should wait to see this movie until you are secure in your beliefs. The messages relayed in the movie are Christian as created by a born-again Christian as understood by the present society. The fact is that these messages can be found in Christian and non-Christian references alike. They are timeless, inmnsho. And you can’t take them out of these stories and still have the same story. For those that want to take those elements out, get your head out of your ass.
Just enjoy the damn story.
Now lets hope we get some more great fantasy movies out there (this is by far not the last or only great fantasy epic…stupid media hype).

Writer Progress:
Without Honor: Day 15: Three Part Story Evolution (refining this)–Alot has been chopped, now down to 37217
Temptation: Submited–Chronicle
Mistaken: Preparing for Resubmission-Must find market.
Between Kingdoms: Fermenting, after chop word count 10612.
Sacred Space-Word Count 490
Grandpa story–Fermenting
Lucy’s Story–Fermenting

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
A lovely apparition sent to be a moment’s ornamentWordsworth



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