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I was wondering if anyone has done a study on the so-called number one hits vs. the music downloaded from Itunes and other similar music services. Do they correlate? Just because a band is one hit wonder doesn’t mean they don’t have a long productive career with millions of fans. What it means, is that it was a radio hit, not even their best song.


A fun note. I got to my next book on the list. Twilight by Leigh Nichols. It read in a familiar way, which tickled the back of my head…, and then I got to part which quoted from the Book of Counted Sorrows.

Whoh, that’s Koontz’ made up book.

Silly me, Leigh Nichols is Dean Koontz. Now I have to go home and see if I have this book in my unread Koontz. Still it is pretty cool, as I picked up this book on its own merit rather the name of the author.

I’ve been thinking about my grandfather a lot lately. I don’t know why. He’s been dead more than 10 years now. Sometimes I think about how little I know about him. He liked birds and wildlife. He was always behind the camera; I have only a few pictures of him in front candid and the annual family photos. Some one told me once that he raced cars. I know he was a lapidary who encouraged my interest in stones and to date, has the greatest contribution to my jewelry collection. He was an avid sci-fi reader. He collected ivory, anything rabbit related and he smoked a pipe. He played games.

For someone who lived on the other side of the country, he was very influential in life. He promoted my interests in science and fantasy. Just about every Asimov in my collection came from him. He read my poetry (the poor, poor man) and claimed he liked it. He taught me how to place chess, Othello, pool, cards, and video games. He loved Ms Pacman. And the water.

I remember going with him to see sci-fi movies, then discussing them afterward. He introduced me to crab, my favorite food, and later conch, my second favorite. He liked lime sherbet. I can only remember him angry once. It was quick and quickly forgotten.

After my sister got married, my grandmother sent me a story she wrote about him. A few people have had a hand at it and she wanted me to try. I know the story, I tell the story, and I think I’m ready to write it down.

Here’s to hoping the family doesn’t think I screwed it up.

I have a lot of his old books and books he sent me. Some days I find bits of his life in them. Notes, inscriptions…once tax forms. (I burned them; they were more than twenty years old).

My uncle once told that when he was done with it, he would send me the family history stuff. I hope he does. I like knowing where we come from.

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Writer Progress:
Without Honor: Day 14: Three Part Story Evolution (refining this)
Temptation: Submited–Chronicle
Mistaken: Submitted–The Sun
Between Kingdoms: Fermenting, current word count 20,000.
Sacred Space-Word Count 198
Grandpa’s Story–Fermenting
Lucy’s Story–Fermenting

Nothing which we can imagine about nature is incrediblePliny the Elder



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