I Was Colded

I woke last night to a cold nose.

Now I own a black pug. They have to be the loudest dogs that don’t bark. It’s a whole package of stubby nose, curly tail and snorting noises that earns her the title of Pig Dog.

So last night when she snuck under the blankets with me..it wasn’t graceful or quiet. My first fear is that she finally decided to chew threw her kennelIt’s a heavy nylon machine washable kennel…best money ever. But as I took her back down stairs I found out something far worse.

She’d figured out how to unzip her kennel.

Luckily the kennel makers thought of thisGood thing someone is on top of this whole dog/cat world domination thing. There is a clip to lock the zippers. Yay!

So after a stern talking to and a good belly rub, I sent Whinnie back to bed.

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