IE will make my head explode, like my calfs are punishing me now

Skiing yesterday was great. My calf’s are killing me. Aia is doing well on the greens. Hopefully we’ll make it up one more time this season.

Over the weekend I bought an Ipod Touch. Call me crazy…but it really is the best thing since sliced bread (if that really was the best thing). The battery doesn’t seem to last as long as my ipod video, but it fits all the all video things…so my clock, and charger are all usable!

I’ve updated to WordPress 2.5 on this blog…no hiccups except the lj crossposter…but that just took a quick php edit and now should work.

Of course IE is giving me issues….I’m this close to telling folks to upgrade to Firefox or just go home and look at the site using either opera, firefox or safari.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.Ernest Hemingway







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