IF without Hunger and the Killing of Characters Before They Became Such

This is the first day with JUDDDD or IFIntermittent Fasting where I don’t feel hungry.

My head is telling me I’m hungry even though by belly is pretty sure I’m okay. It’s a weird feeling. Now I know what real withdrawal is, having never been an addict to any drugs.

So today I ate a chocolate fiber bar, and some flavored water. Then it was just tea and water until tonight where I get to have two tomatoes. Yum.

When I weighed myself this morning, it came out to 180 again. Water-weight. We’ll see what the next week brings. If things follow the pattern my chart has developed then I should be at 170 firm by Mexico.

I’ve been re-reading over the chapters I’ve wrote for Without Honor. When I first started this story I had a talking cat.

Stop laughing.

I loved the talking cat. Later when the story became less about the school the MC attended and more about the world in which she lived, the cat had to go. The MC wasn’t a child in this new story, nor did she need the guidance the cat had. So I killed the cat.

Poor Philst.

So I type away. Sigh.

**Edit** Whoah…I totally forgot I ate the fiber bar this day…and I just posted on another site about this day and I forgot to included…since the post had to do with lying I feel really dumb. oh well.

Humpty Dumpty was pushed.Unknown



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