I’m actually on day 14!


I’m gearing up for Nanowrimo. I’ve got that story set that I want to work on. I need to get through the day 1-15 before November 1st for that novel.

Is it going to happen?

Who knows? That’s not the point. Today I finished Day Six on Ronyn. The research days were actually taken care of already. Occupations have lasted at least five years, some more than thirty. That takes care of that. I’ve made notes on rebellions in order to make new rebellion happen after 30 years of Occupation. Lukaus (one of the main characters) can come up with those easily. Finding unhappy people who need to fight is his specialty.

So that’s going along swimmingly. The next novel will take place halfway across the world. I just need to get back to days 1-3 then smack out the rest. I can make it. I need names for the characters though.

My ideas usually come in dreams. I have actually got Day 5 halfway done. I wrote this idea down on a series of plot cards years ago. I unearthed them now for Nano. Ronyn started with a dream too, but I have since changed how that dream went dramatically.

Temptation is halfway re-written and the next market picked out. If I have time I’ll work on it today…if that all works out, I’ll get it submitted next week. Edit: This week…rewrite looks done!!

I’ve been going through the images for the Silver Dragon’s site. This is the tough part. I’ve got her main page all work out, but the site will take awhile to customize for shopping.

The new section of the Denver Zoo is nice. They seem to have a lot more herds and packs, instead of one or two of each animal. We couldn’t find the Tigers though. Their big old tortoise was moving quiet a bit this time. That was neat to see.

We had really good game at this weekend with the regular Dnd group. I think my character is going to die. She’s is, for all intents and purposes, alone in a room with a bunch of undead dragons. I think I’ve played her single-mindedness well.

Tonight is the new game. I haven’t quite got in character for that, yet. The last one was alot of fun though.

My Dad comes in the day after that. Should be good, I haven’t seen him since last Christmas. My daughter is convinced he won’t bring her any presents. This, from the girl that gets presents just for being her.

Then more planning for Nanowrimo.

The main argument against Nano is that it promotes crap and that crap can’t be revised into anything.

For those that think that, I think they are missing the point.

First of all the purpose, first and foremost, is to give those the opportunity (kick in the pants, etc) to be able to say, I wrote a novel. I don’t care what the nay-sayers spout, if you’ve written it, you’ve written a novel, and by definition it makes you a novelist. No one ever said you had to be published to be a novelist.

After that there are some of us who use this time to at least begin novels. Some people can pound out the 50,000 words that meet the goal and give them something to work for. Some may make a complete novel. Some may only get a few words down but have the makings of a novel to work with.

No one, not even the lowliest padder, is striving for crap. I am a firm believer in that. You don’t have to be published to be a writer or even a novelist. Those that think they do have their verbs and nouns confused and probably need to pick up a dictionary.

This process does not dumb writing down. Just like being able to churn out bestsellers at the rate of 12-15 a year doesn’t dumb down writing. This is usually the mark of literary snobs who wouldn’t know a good book if it hit them in the head. And no, I am not a King fan but the man does write, is a novelist, and has some measure of good. Snobbery gets you no where.

Only 7 people have published nano novels so far. I can think of three writers, professionals that can write a publishable novel in a month. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any sweat, blood and tears. Not one of these people will ever tell you it’s easy, whether you nano or not. The exception is perhaps, Piers Anthony, but he has a strange sense of humor and doesn’t expect you to get it. However, that would be nice of you.

Finally, the cliché of the lonely, alcohol abusing or coffee addled writer is just that cliché. You didn’t sweat, bleed or cry any more than the rest of us. Only women can claim that over men and that has nothing to do with writing.

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Day 14: Three Part Story Evolution

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Preparing for Re-sumission
Between Kingdoms:
“We’re putting up with the federal government on so many fronts, and nearly every month they come out with another hare-brained scheme … to tell us that our life is going to be better if we just buckle under on some other kind of rule or regulation. And we usually just play along for a while. We ignore ’em for as long as we can. We try not to bring it to a head but if it comes to a head we found that it’s best to tell ’em to go to Hell and run the state you wanna run your state.

Unfortunately this time around they’ve really got a hare-brained scheme… almost all those hijackers on 9/11 would have qualified for a Real ID.”Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana 2008






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