I’m Still Here…

Aia is officially out of the house…though she’ll be back for three weeks this summer, it’s just a temporary stop before moving to her collage apartment. I fell as if I let a lot of things go. It’s easy when your sick, but it was worse than that. I couldn’t function most of the time. Feeling gray sucks.

I’ve been working on getting better. Started going to WWC (women who code) meetings after moving from Belmar. That was still tough. So was the last year. I was exhausted with life and in a lot of pain.

Now that Aia is gone though I have a bit more time. I miss painting so much. I want to do more Tarot things. More craft things.

I want to be out there. So I guess I need to do that.

I have a camera. I have the software. Tarot Geeks is still there.

Getting the house in order has helped. I feel organized. Managed to get some oils, preserves, tinctures and lotions made. I just need to set up painting and well…

Do it.

Oh and look, you can now see my writing progress on posts. I know I need to fix that color.

I wanna shout at these kids to log off my e-lawn.Real Life Comics







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