In a Jester’s Court

A few weekends ago J. and I tried to go shooting. I was going to shoot the .22 revolver for the first time. Instead we were greated by a police officer who said our shooting range had an incident. So we went for icecream…but not before I shot a picture of the crazy truck that sits outside the range.

So I’ve been working out the characters for Nano. Almost done…just a few minor characters left. I forgot how screwed up this world is. It should be a fun nano…but I still can’t see the end yet. I’m still not sure how best to meld a host of evangelicals with a world of crazys. I know that sounds odd, but it’s true.

The fiasco gets worse at work. I made a big snaffu in my rush to get prices in. The lies of the ubersecretary deepen. Of course the managment knows they are lies because how could I just forget about my central job when I am on them every day of the month for it. One less person to trust in the workplace. I hate my job.

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