In Search of Horseradish aka the Sizes I’ve Lost

Being good is hard to do.

Oh sure, things get easier as long as you keep going. However some things still drop kick you in the solar.

Like horseradish. I swear to gods that it used to come without sugar AND corn syrup. But no, all the stores only seem to have the sauce. I finally just relented and bought a brand that I love that only has corn syrup…not sugar and not high fructose. Sigh…I’m going to to start buy crap off the internet.

I’ve been hovering around 160 for a few weeks now…but I’ve dropped in sizes. I finally relented and bought some clothes this weekend. Two shirts, one pair of pants, an overshirt, a coat, footy socks, four pairs of shoes, and lots of underwear.

I swear to Gods folks…NO ONE THAT’S A SIZE SIX IN UNDERWEAR IS ALLOWED TO BUY ANY UNTIL I’M LESS THAN A SIZE 6!!! Frankly I’m tired of trying to find things in my size (no matter the size) and having EVERY STORE BE OUT OF STOCK!

Good, now that we’ve finished with that here’s my size changes since January:

Overall / pants: form 18 to 12
Feet: from 8 1/2 to 7 1/2
Shirt / Dress: from XL to S
Dress: 14/12 to ? (I have to go to Ross and buy some new dress before our Vegas trip eep! So I don’t know my size yet..but last year’s dress…the cute brown one was 12, and the year before was 14 and too big.)
Bra: 38DD to 34Dand 1/2 (Can’t wait to be a half sizeless…36 is too big!)
Underwear: from size 8 to size 6.

I still have 40lbs to go. I’m halfway there.

The year before I found out I was Hypothyroid I joined Curves. They control everything you do there and can be toxic. In my initial interview I had to tell them what my ideal weight was.

“116lbs,” I said. “I was that my senior year of high school.” (I really was…at a size 16 with a small belly, the day I graduated…I was never that weight before (in middle school) or since).

The Curves lady gave me frown and said it was wishful thinking. I agreed and said how about 150lbs.

“I think you need to be realistic, Michelle. Let’s say 165lbs.” Keep in mind I was 169lbs at the time. A few months after I joined, I began gaining weight like crazy…I’d gone full hypo and thought I was going insane. Curves thought so too and told me to eat less and pay them 300$ for their nutrition package. I didn’t, thank gods. Those ladies were nuts.

Curves was good because I got exercise. But that’s all it was good for. They were not supportive. And once your muscles get past the resistance machines…not even the exercise is doing you good.

I’m on my way now. The fact that I have to pull up my size 14 pants all day makes me happy. I can wear my size 12 shorts and have room in them. I have a size 12 pair of jeans in my closet…soon I will be brave enough to try them on.

The best part? Next summer all my shorts will be too big.

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