Incredible Hulk

Have you seen Ironman yet? If not go out and see it. I’ll wait.
Good movie huh? Now turn around, go out and see Incredible Hulk. It’s the sequel to Ironman. No kidding…the references happen in the first five minutes…if you’re a Marvel fan you’ll notice they lay the ground work for Captain America. And for those of you just a little too dense on that front…Robert Downey Jr. shows up. 🙂

Don’t worry, they completely erased that horrible Hulk movie. They did a great job. It has a lot of the TV show references too…(and that beautiful music).

It makes me fired up to see Thor and Captain America…then the inevitable Avengers.

Like Batman Begins and Superman Returns…they’ve reinvented the superhero movie…they grew up and got real. Kitch is good…story is better.

It’s so good.

Get me one big enough to ride!Thor (Marvel)





2 responses to “Incredible Hulk”

  1. Aden Avatar

    I found this post through Twitter, and wanted to say hi. I love to hear everyone elses thoughts on The Incredible Hulk. I am working on mine now, but I am with you completely on all points above. I am really fired up for Thor and Captain America (as long as I ignore casting rumors that make me cry)

  2. Michelle Avatar

    See that’s why I don’t read movie news before the movie comes out. I don’t want to know and I shouldn’t have to read errata to enjoy something. 🙂

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