Incredible Poser’s Final Fantasy…ah!

So instead of getting anything done this weekend…

::ducks the chairs::

I played.

I decided to join Final Fantasy XI. So far enjoy it. I haven’t online role-playing games since they were text based. I lost interest when you had to pay to be involved in more than a detailed chat room. Or that you had to know the right legends to do anything once you paid.

Evercrack never held interest. Is seemed to be more of the same.

FFXI took 12 hrs to install on my machine. That includes all five disks, the updates, and all the registration. (I got lots of books put away.). I took a two hour break to watch the Incredibles.

Awesome film btw. I really enjoyed it. The water on the hair was as awesome as everyone stated, and I loved Jack Jack’s power.

So I created a character and was impressed. The graphics are awesome so is the play. I was doing quests and learning the game like any FF game, plus I got to interact with people from all over the world. Leveling up is not impossible. There is tons to do. Things are MUCH more expensive than in other FF games but part of the fun is making your own stuff. Also you get your own house and Moogle, which in some old text based games you had to pay real cash for. (well not the moogle.)

Poser 6 is out today. Woohoo, my copy is in the mail. So far it sounds good. Now I just have to start cleaning off my computer.


As for life. It looks like divorce is once again iminent. It feels like a horrible mistake but I fear there is no longer any other option.

The only dark spot on a bright day.

A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.Thomas Mann






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