Insurance Fraud, Morgage Fraud, and Real Estate Fraud

Got a letter from Paul RunningHorse Vigil the other day. This is almost too special not to share. He apparently feels my pain about my house, offers a free self help formula, and then asks me send him money via direct bank wire transfer.

Oh yeah the bullshit level is deep today.

He’s wanted for insurance fraud in California. The Wash Park Prophet has had a warning up for him since 2007.

Let’s delve into the the best part of all this: the three page letter.

Dear Michelle J Norton,

Special offer in foreclosure get free financial debit consultation and property valuation data.
This program is made possible by donation and contributions.

I understand what you are going through I have seen many
foreclosure hardships with my own eyes.
After being in the real estate and banking business for over 38 years
I want to be here to see how I can be of help to you.

Included is a free gift for you this Self Help Formula that will help you through.
In Gods plan every thing is possible and the best is yet to come to you.

Paul RunningHorse Vigil an Educational Philanthropist
Visit this Web Site:
PO Box 7 Westminster Colorado 80036
Phone Number 303-921-8193
Email address

So far we have English language problems that plague most spammers. The website isn’t any better filled with viewable HTML code and bad English. His wife Teresa Vigil runs a cleaning service too.

That’s not even the best part. He also has page two, Self Help Formula…which is basically The Secret condensed and badly written. Then we get to page three.

His US Bank routing and bank account number for you send a donation too.

You gotta give the guy an A for effort for using the USPS.

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