It Came!

Last night my computer finally came. Fedex took it back to the facility since we weren’t home at 2pm. Luckily Arvada has it’s own center so I did not have to drive back downtown. I got to the center, door ticket in hand, and lo had to wait a bit.

After about ten minutes the Fedex man popped his head into the waiting room to call my name. I followed him out and he took me to the pallet.

“2 boxes, right?” he asked.


“Two boxes.” Okay there are two boxes here. One is obviously my new lap top. The other is a full Bose speaker system with a woofer. After getting the boxes in my car and driving home. I brought the Bose box into my house with the proclamation: “This is our Don’t Shoot Me gift from Dell.

I think I managed to convince J. to hook it up to the upstairs stereo, and therefore hook the TV, Wii, and Satellite into the stereo for full surround. What? Did you think I’d be hooking up all that crap to the lap top? Maybe if I have a desk one day.

So after that ooo and ah, I started to dig into the laptop box. This is the part where you must realized, I am neglecting trash duty, laundry and present wrapping to do this. I did get the present wrapping done later and I managed to do the dishes, but my wardrobe today is a bit lacking in the not-so-white trash department.

The large boxed turned out to be a layer of two smaller boxes. The first contained cords and software (I have MS Office 2007 now. Another Dell gift). It also contained a leather day planner.

Okay, it only looked like a leather day planner.

When I opened that up, it had a convenient pocket for the manuals, sleeves for about 10 cds and a pocket for the included shammy and noise cancellation ear phones.


So I pull the actual laptop out. The exterior is black warped watery thing with a few inches both vertically and horizontally on my last laptop. Instead of a pci slot, it has a remote control for watching dvds and playing music. The Dell logo lights up with that eerie diamond colored light that most laptop logos light up with now (think the apple logo, M.’s hp laptop does it too.) I have the added bonus that the gray gills on the back of mine also emit that light. I can’t control the color or brightness of it like I could with the M1710 or even the M170 I used to have. The lights on the side of the computer are also gone. However like the M1710, the M1730’s touch pad lights up, and I can change the color, as well as the front lights.

It doesn’t have the bio tech that the other laptops come with…but it has some weird gaming LCD at the top left…supposedly some games use it…but right now it tells me things I need to know…like the time and what my computer is doing with itself. Handy.

The screen is extremely clear. Since Dell has it’s own doc for icons, I’ll be trying that out. I can’t make it as small as Rocket Dock but it has groups. :).

I only had enough time to put Firefox on the machine and uninstall various stuff I didn’t want to deal with. I now have two computers with webcams…hrm.

Christ died and Christmas was born!Misguided Japanese poster trying to sell the Passion of the Christ at Christmastime.







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