It was a happy Mother’s Day

I did mange to pile some stress about me that I probably shouldn’t have. I was bad..but all in all it’s been okay.

I actually got quite a bit of writing done and have nearly completed chapter 9. I’m pretty excited to be moving forward.

My grandmother gave me some ideas for removing the wallpaper border in the guest room. We also got all the wiring fixed in the house and some new fixtures.

Today both Aia and I have doctor’s appointments. It’s time for her yearly and my medication check. Then I need to clean the kitty area and do some carpet cleaning. Writing and DDR to follow.

So I took them home, cursed and snarled until the perforations-that-weren’t forced me to gut the package like a deer carcass, and I tried out the “quietest pouch” which was indeed so whisper-silent that if I were a ninja, and I was bleeding vaginally, I would accept no other brand. Of course, were I a vaginally-bleeding ninja, I would have bigger problems to worry about. Like the fact that I would likely have forebrain-searing turquoise hair and horrifically inflated breasts.Naamah99
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