It’s Name is Emerald

This weekend was good.

This weekend was very, very bad.

I came back to J.’s from Common Grounds. My writer’s groups had seemingly deserted meNot really at least two of them should be back next week. The others need to get their butts in a car and show up…or call me for a ride 🙂 No pressure, I know you’re busy., and I worked a bit then played some FFXI.

So back at J.’s I we had gotten him all packed up and out to my car, when he said:

You left an oil slick in my driveway.

I didn’t think it was mine, but a subsequent stop at my house and the airport proved me wrong. Cupfulls of wrong What followed was made dash to the dealer before a) my engine blew up due to lack of oil or b) my engine fell out. I made itBarely. I called M., to beg her to come pick me up. The repairs we costly..very costly. J., before boarding the plane, told me to get his Cadillac for the week.

So there I was, walking a dejected path of despair around the new vehicle section of the Saturn at Aurora, hoping M. would get there soon.

“Have you thought about a new car?”
“What, no…look if you can find me exactly what I want, today, with a payment I can handle, then sure.”

Here’s me killing time.

Here’s what I went home with:

So that’s a green Saturn Ion 2, manual. It’s new, it’s ipod ready…it’s making me poorer than dirt.


Homophobia: The fear that another man will treat you like you treat women.Andrew Sullivan



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2 responses to “It’s Name is Emerald”

  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar

    It’s VERY shiney!
    Been stuck in Jury Duty today and will be some of tomorrow – getting a LOT of reading done on the new book 🙂

  2. Michelle Avatar

    I’ve been reading the book…feel like I must hang the author…sigh…

    Hopefully jury duty won’t last too long. 🙂

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