It’s not that I don’t want to…


If you’ve noticed…I’ve absorbed my articles and recipes into this blog. I’ve got some formating left to got…then some painting and the new site will be all.

Of course all creative efforts are at a standstill until after I move. No painting, no writing (except module writing) no sewing, no meditation, no real exercise, no tarot readings…


The overwhelmed feeling is not going away. We still don’t have J.’s house cleaned as much as I would like. We are going to have to clean out from under his bead and vacuum. The down stairs is going to require that we stack stuff around the bar…

And my house is barely packed. I’ve managed to bring over my nightstands, one of Aia’s chairs and her tv stuff. All my linen is at J.’s now.

And yet…

I’m struggling with where to put stuff. The living room is easy…the hall, easy…the bedroom is not so much. I have a need to put my pagan stuff up but where…

sigh. This shouldn’t be so hard, but I’m moving fast because I have help now…I won’t have help later. Not that my friends wouldn’t help but their schedules were long set before I decided to move and I can’t expect them to rearrange for me. You’ve all offered when you can, I’m eternally grateful for that, but don’t worry if you can’t. I just expect you all to show to the Halloween party. 😉

I’m worried about J. His back has gotten worse over the last two years. Recently he hurt it worse and it is not getting better. I don’t resent that he can’t and shouldn’t help with the heavy stuff. I just wish I could help him.

I’m sure you’re all getting tired of the whining. If there is one thing about me you should know is that I have to talk everything out. Every detail otherwise I: a)forget, b)can’t sleep at night. So if it is continuously coming out of my mouth…I don’t do it to annoy people or to garner sympathy but because I have to get it out of me.

It’s like psychic puking only not so much.

My current employment is ‘beverage.’Robin Dean



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