Jorge Rivera, Filled with So Much Win I Cannot Tell You

A few weeks ago I was running my Serenity game. This was the first day of the new reboot, and they all had new characters. Before we started, the I asked B., the new ship captain, if he had rules for his ship or any NPC requests for crew. He said, oh since we didn’t talk about it, anything was fine.

Hilarity ensued.

M. named two of the characters including Jorge, the well-meaning security guard. I hopped on the Googles and found a picture.

This last weekend I was asked to bring up his picture again for players that missed it. This time I clicked on the website it was from.

Hilarity ensued.

I’ve had other, throw away NPCs, that have become characters through the shear will of the players. Most notably Sammy Wu, who has had some incredible moments as a PC in my Con games. This includes the best out-of-the-ass character speech ever imo.

The picture of Jorge I chose turned out to be UFC Conquistador Jorge Rivera, who was taunting the word with his Acapella Apocalypse video.

I don’t watch UFC, I have never heard of this guy before but suddenly our Jorge became him. Aspiring singer, and a lover, sometimes fighter. I could no longer let him leave the ship in obscurity. We still need players for Serenity. Anybody want to be Jorge?

Here’s the video. It’s just all full of win.

I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflectionThomas Paine



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