Just in Case you though Scammers were Smart.

Mrs. Amoussou,

Thank you for your response.  There is no need for cash payments.  I will deduct my standard fees as noted in my last letter from the amount you transfer.  As I told Mr. Kuti, in my letter, please just transfer the money into my Paypal account as using the above email address.  If you cannot conduct business this way, I suggest that you still seriously consider it.  After all, 90% is such a paltry ammount.  You can be sure that I will follow the plan as outlined in my last letter.

Thank you for your time.

Michelle Norton

From: mary amoussou
> Dear Michelle Norton
>  Thank   for your acceptance to help me. I am very glad that at least you could
> find space in your heart to accomodate a widow like me. What I really want you
> to do is just for you to help me accept my fund into your bank account or the
> firm may deliver it to you as consignment so that my attorney would then come
> over and put the fund in safe place and also arrange the fund the best way. This
> transaction is 100% risk free as I wouldn’t even like to do anything that would
> bring me to limelight or to the world press again.
> Please note that much is not expected from you financially as what I would want
> you to do is just to work with MR JOHNON KUTI who is like the most trusted
> friend to my entire household. He has really shown a trusted friend right from
> the days when my husband was alife. Due to the restrictions that are placed on
> my entire household, I will not be in the position to make some cash payments
> due to the restrictions as you know, but all I am promising you is that no
> matter how much you put in, it would be reinbursed as soon as my fund gets to
> you. Yours is to work with Mr Johnson Kuti to the success of this. I have agreed
> with Mr Johnson Kuti that at the end of the successful end, your share for this
> great help will be 30% of my total fund.
> If you would still want to help me, do let me know so that I ask Mr Johnson to
> write you immediately so that you finalise arrangement with him on how my fund
> will get to you
> I am waiting for your response please!!
> May God Bless You.
>   Best Regards,
>   Mary Amoussou
> ———————————
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2 responses to “Just in Case you though Scammers were Smart.”

  1. Wendy Wylde Avatar

    ROTFL!! You rock!!! I bow to your amazing scammer confusing superiority.

  2. The Dragon Queen Avatar

    You really are having fun with this aren’t you 😉

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