The top of the tree.

The Tarot Geeks group is taking a trip down the tree of life. We started with Kether.

Kether is the Aces in Tarot. It is the potential for creation and action. It seems to me that all the orbs on the tree of life are potentials.

I find my very being raging at the thought of this system.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
Victor says you’re not supposed to have a “favorite” blind/limbless/disabled beggar but I’m pretty sure that’s discrimination. Victor says it isn’t. We’re totally about to have another fight.The Blogess







  1. Don S. Avatar

    What deck are you using for these brief QK-articles.

    I too have a problem with joining the Q/K with the Tarot.

    Don S.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    This part of the studies we do at Tarot Geeks. We all bring several decks to compare…for me this is the Gill Tarot,
    Witches Tarot…both of which are kabbalah decks. I also bring the Fey Tarot, Manga Tarot, and LS Fantasy Tarot. In attendance are various Rider decks, the Golden Dawn, Druid Craft, Mother Peace, Cosmic, and Liber T. That just the ones I can remember. Even the Kabbalah decks do not match up.

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