Kidney Stone, Kidney Stone, Go the Fuck Away

Ick…had another kidney stone attack this morning. Took percoset. I’m stationary for another couple hours so I should be okay on it.

I’ve taken one a day this week because of this. I should be able to see the doc this week. I’m afraid of getting hooked on these things but the pain has been bad. Very bad.


…I have a sudden passion for the wild wood. We should be free as air in the wild wood. What say you? Shall we go?Robin Hood







2 responses to “Kidney Stone, Kidney Stone, Go the Fuck Away”

  1. Kathy Avatar

    Sorry to hear you are in such pain. Have the docs said anything about whether this is to be ongoing, or do they expect it to come to an end soon?


  2. Michelle Avatar

    They have no clue. I have another visit this week. sigh…I’ll hope to have more news after the visit.

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