Kindergarten Flowers

When I was little and my parents told me of Kindergarten, I always imagined this pastel fluff of a world in which little girls, dressed in lacy pink Sunday dresses skipped around with their fingers lightly brushing the top of bright primrose type flowers.

Give me a break. I was four.

I’m not sure what the Poohbunny imagined. On her first day of school, instead of a pink lacy dress (which I did wear my first day), she was dressed in a blue polo and kaki skort School Uniform. Her pink backpack was optimized for heavy grade school loads with symetriacl pockets and wided, padded straps You remember your’s right? Remember those thin, corrigated straps. Remember how they hurt and broke and ah… Her pink light up shoes danced across the floor. I shed a few tears and made a picture and she was off to school.

When she got home I went over the new school girl rules. Instead of Chores then play, the house rule has been extended to homework, chores, then play. There was pouting, but she understood. She has a bin just for her uniforms so they get swallowed by the closet monster. And there’s the money I have to shell out…public school is costing me more than a semester at college.


I’m slowly working through my everyday list. For those that don’t want to search back to January here’s the list:


Back in January Litter was the only thing that was being accomplished every day. I’ve switched to Crystals, now that they are finally cheaper. No mess. They don’t track out with the cats. And a smaller bag lasts longer. Yeah! If I have to switch back for any reason, it will be back to the crystal blends…I left regular scoopable back a long time a go…regular litter even further.

Meditation still isn’t happening…and it’s beginning to wear on me. At most I got to sit on my back porch swing a few nights ago for the first time this summer. Pitiful, as I missed the naked early flowers, and the spontaneous July blooms. Now I’m down to the very green end of season. And that perhaps once a week. Sheesh.

Exercise: Goal. Every day for at least 30 minutes.

Tarot: Goal: finally back to daily cards. It’s been great!

Writing: sigh. Bad, very bad, very very bad. Phew.

3 out of 5. Woot.

If at first you don’t succeed you’re running about average.M.H. Alderson







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