Kitchen Redone

I get home last night to a disaster. J., whenever he leaves town, leaves in a explosion of newspapers, plastic bags and whatever he was cooking before he left. This time it was Yucca, prepared like Potato Pancakes (none kosher style), but takes a lot more preparation (you can’t eat the waxy skin at all and you have to press the Yucca for several hours).

So I decided to get the kitchen cleaned up. I started with dishes, only to notice that the dish dryer rack (a thing I truly detest) was askew. So I lifted it up to find mold.

So I’m screaming, the dogs are howling and Yui (the black cat) is giving pitiful moans of “what’s going on” from the basement. I start ripping apart the kitchen to find that mold has moved under the microwave. About an hour later the microwave is saved (yeah!), the rack is trashed (yeah!) and I have moved all the appliances to the floor. I call M. to bitch a bit as I scrub the counter, first with bleach, then with soap and scrubbies, and then with bleach again.

I found the white counter top!

I start putting things away. I found no less than 4 flashlights, one rusty (it got tossed). I moved the microwave to the island, the small appliances to the corner…and viola!

We have tons of counter space now…long free flowing counter space that is only whispered about in the myths of rich people who don’t actually use their kitchens unless it’s trendy, otherwise they just cater.

I have more stuff to put away, then I need to tackle laundry, and perhaps my room, which has languished due to other things.

I am so eating out tonight so I don’t ruin kitchen. That can wait till tomorrow when I bake cookies.

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