Knitting a scarf

Right now I can go at a good pace…but I tend to pick up stitches I didn’t mean too. The starter kit included a counter but not any directions on how to use it.

Last night I knitted several rows and I hope to hit a few again tonight. Once I finish this I’ll go back to the bag I started last weekend.

I should have brought the knitting with me today…ah well. I’ll have it with me this weekend. I manged to find a bag that works great and holds my embroidery as well. I’ve got some sketches for my next card…Strength, and embroidered buttons.

I’m glad I grokked knitting fast. It’s fun…and hopefully I’ll learn more. I have a box of afghan cards too to try. I want to make a shawl too at some point. I have ideas for tarot bags, marbling, and altar clothes.

The first clue that you’ve played too many video games comes when you realized that you just tried to turn the square in Tetris so it will fit.T.






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