Lard, Best in Health or It’s like stuffing, only not so much.

So I wrote this long post yesterday. And it was eaten by the internet monster.


But if you look a little to your right…no not that far, stay in the browser…you’ll see that I wrote very well last week. I’m behind now because of three straight days of nightly engagements. However maybe I’ll catch up again.

Aia made the honor roll this week. Then spent yesterday in a melt down. Could drive me up a wall that girl.

J. & I went up to a nice restaurant on Lookout Mountain. Cody Mountain Inn has nice food. Hard to get to, and a little dinerish, but the veal Martinique was good.

On the way back J. asked the question “Does lard have trans-fats?” Besides being up there with “If you put dirt in hydrogen peroxide is the hp dirty or is the dirt clean?” it was intriguing. Turns out the answer is no. Not only does it taste good, but it’s better for you than a lot of vegeoil based products. Dang. Go read.

And work? That has been fun. Between actually designing things for a change and phone talking…I’m having a blast. I like this job. So much so I created a new category. Today I was told that I’m doing a great job and that I fit in really well. Two 1/2 years at the drudge and I never heard that once.

I laugh in the face of danger. Then I hide until it goes away.Xander



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