My new alarm clock has a serious drawback.

A motion sensor.

I wake to my alarm this morning and see it’s 7:00am…not the 4:00am my clock is set for… So I begin to panic as the music plays…

Then YuiThe scared lovey black cat. jumps up on the nightstand and waves her paw in front of the screen.

Which turns off the alarm.


So my cat’s plan to take over the world apparently includes motion sensors. They can’t hit a stupid button or use the litter box consistantly but damn, they’ve got motion sensors down.

After rushing around the house like a maniacDon’t let any one ever tell you you can’t drop a six year old in a uniform in 30 seconds. I get to the dog who, despite being out of her kennel all night, managed not to poop or pee on the floor.

I praised the happy puppy and took her out. Then gave her food and put her in her kennel for the dayAfter reassembling it…it was in the wash.. I rushed out the door with Aia in tow.

But I’m still late.

So far they’ve been good here..but I’m sure I’ve put quite a few nails in the raise coffin.

I managed to send out Sacred Space again. I’m shooting for the stars this time with Analog. Do I believe they’ll publish it? They say they accept social scifi, but I’ve rarely seen it in their magazine.

Sacred Space is my only SciFi story…the closest I usually get is Space Opera. So far everyone that I’ve had read the story has been greatly disturbed. They should be…it’s premise is disturbingUnless your a salesman, then it could be a marketing plan, but then they also need to be shot.. They begin asking all these questions but then are disappoinited that I won’t answer them all.

Is this where Scifi is headed?

I admit I’m behind the times…my current reading selections have been either non-fiction, Piers Anthony or Andre Norton. With the occasional high fantasy du-jour or children’s lit for my daugther’s bed time reading. I’m not up on who’s who in hard scifi or even social scifi…which has been limited to Analog and Asimov’s…but not since last September.

Do we, as writers, have to answer every fucking question or can we leave anything up for debate and wonder?

I need some modern hard Scifi recommendations…by which I mean published in the last three years. Anyone?

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow, Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead, Walk beside me, and just be my friend.Unknown



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