Learning Astrology….Numbers Numbers Blah Blah Blah

Aside: I’m still messing with the look of the site…but I’ve updated the Tarot readings page and made the choices for readings easier. My workspace is still under construction at home as well. I hope to have it soon though. Then I’ll have mediation and workspace with the SO coming in and asking, “what’s that stink?”.

My friend RedOak use this phrase to describe her husband’s Star Fleet Battles Fetish. Basically in connotes any pastime that is so number filed that us right brainers glaze over into lalaland.

Astrology has kept me away for just that reason.

Recently though, the Tarot Geeks have been discussing astrology a lot. I’ve had my birth chart done…but I don’t really understand it. But it’s intriguing me. I have two books on astrology. Mythic Astrology and a chapter on astrology in my Paganism collectible card set. I plan to read through Mythic Astrology then give the chapter ago. First this website seems like a great place to start.

Time to back up. I was born on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius. Evey astrologer, software and rag I’ve ever consulted lists me as Scorpio or Sagittarius…it’s NEVER the same.

When asked though I’ll say I’m Fire with masochistic tendencies towards Water. Sag fits…Scorp haunts. I’m a conflicted person. My last birth chart said I was Sagittarius, the one I got off this site says I’m Scorpio. The software I use at home says I’m Sagittarius. Fun all around. And yes…I’ve heard the argument that a real astrologer would know my exact sign…but that hasn’t proved true. In fact, the only astrologer that I know who I trust as a person is in agreement that my sign is muddled. I have my exact birthplace and time as well…so it’s not what you would call pretty.

So for this exercise I’ll post my first one and the one suggested to use from this exercise. I’ll do my software later.

From my first birth chart done…I think it was Astro.net:

From Astrodienst as suggested by the above website:

Okay so the two black lines that bisect the chart are the same on both charts. That’s encouraging.

Next count the signs inside the circle their should be ten…I have ten in each but they are in different places and are different signs in chart. Oh boy. I did ignore the three symbols that this lesson asked me too…but I only had one of those in one chart. Chiron it looks like…I don’t see any north or south nodes.

The first chart has 6 above, 3 below and one on the line. Outer Focus.

The second chart has 7 above and 3 below…still Outer Focus.

Next we look at signs on the left and right sides. My line leans to the left.

The first chart has 2 on the right, 8 on the left. Self Focus.

The second chart has 3 on the right and 7 on the left. Still Self Focus.

Now we look at the chart in split in fours.

My first chart:
Beginnings: 2 maybe 3 if you count Neptune right on the line between inner and outer.
Development: 1
Achievement: 1
Maturity: 5, 6 if you count Neptune.

My second chart:
Beginnings: 2
Development: 1
Achievement: 2
Maturity: 5

Both Maturity focused…I’m out there, I want to learn and to teach. But slightly different on the scale.

Layered Focus. This is getting complicated. I’m going to stick with the key words for now. So:

Chart 1
Beginning: Being – Moon, Neptune, Venus
Development: Daily Work – Jupiter
Achievement: Transformation – Saturn
Maturity: Duty – Pluto, Friends – Uranus, Spiritual – Sun, Mars, Mercury, Neptune

Chart 2
Beginning: Being – Neptune, Venus
Development: Self-Expression – Chiron, Daily Work – Jupiter
Achievement: Transformation – Moon, Expansion – Saturn
Maturity: Pluto, Friends – Uranus, True Node, Spiritual – Sun, Mars, Mercury

So the Moon is nearly on opposite sides of the chart…one does not mention nodes or Chiron, and my Neptune likes to travel. The seems more firm…the first seems more me.

Now this is where the site differs…the symbols are not in the same places on is chart as they are on mine…I have no idea what that means….okay after some thought on the second chart….I have a physical sign (Taurus) modifying a transformation planet (Jupiter) in the Daily Work house.

Is that right? Do the signs around the edges move? Both chart are the same.

Yes, yes I know I need exercise. That’s what that says to me. Interpretation…I gots.

Ah…okay they do move! That mystery is solved.

Okay…look for part two…where I complete my sentences and figure out the lines and the little chart on the side.

This is a fun puzzle. It’ll just take time…and I have a third chart too!

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4 responses to “Learning Astrology….Numbers Numbers Blah Blah Blah”

  1. ashkris Avatar

    hahaha… Here is some more stuff about astrology

  2. freeringtonesestuartamarge Avatar

    The http://www.78images.com is amazing resource, thanks, owner.

  3. Carol Avatar

    I’ve been studying astrology for almost 40 years … the chart I get using WinStar is the same as Astrodienst (who are in my experience very accurate). You have a Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Ascendant, Cancer Moon … go with this chart especially if you are certain of your birth time. What information did that first chart from Astro.net use???? Anyway, have fun learning astro … it is never ending just as tarot is. Love your site. I am early in the learning curve of tarot and absolutely loving it.

  4. Michelle Avatar

    Thanks….it looks like (from the reading I’ve done since) that I’ve confused my ascendant with my sun sign. Go me. However the majority of charts that I have say my moon is Sag…not Cancer. I’m not sure what Astro used…it was a long time ago.

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