Learning to Shoot

Our ski trip was thwarted this weekend by J.’s bad back. We both agreed pushing it would be bad.

So he took me shooting instead.

Long distance weapons and I don’t normally get along. My bad eyes made me an extremely bad shot as a child. Now that I have that mostly 20/20 vision, and J. offered to teach me, I thought: Sure? Why Not?

It was fun. Not flinching was the hard part. My hand hurts a bit too. But now I can see how messy it is and how the burns happen. I was getting pretty good a grouping by the end. I shot the revolver most of the time. I shot another one once. The kick wasn’t as hard, even thought it was a more powerful gun. J. said that had to do with how it reloads. It seemed to jump more though. I liked the sight better in that gun than in a revolver.

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