Life, it’s just one of those things…

Picture this…

We’re talking. Everyone else has left. We are sitting on his couch talking and watching a movie.

Oh we are drunk. Not really plastered, I’m just not safe to drive.

It’s slow and precise, we are closer, then his hand is on my knee.

“I’m weird like that.” I give him this look as we’ve covered this ground. I tip my beer to him and then his arm is around me.

I like things when they are right.

So now, I’m in that giddy mode of light. I’m supposed to be doing nanowrimo…oh wait I am, look below. I have work, and my daughter and all those little things.

Instead, I think of him.

It really is these moments when you are reminded life is beautiful.

On writing. Well I am. 😛 I got to day 14 before the first just as I had planned. So far, I am only 4000 behind but I plan to work on that tonight.

I’ve been compiling all my templates for FDi30D in both Keynote and yWriter. By the time, I finish these two novels I should be set. Wow, 4 years on one novel and suddenly I’m working on two with actual reachable plans for a third and a forth.

You’ll notice a new section of the site: Ilse. She’s my FFxi character. I’ve started a letter file for her. Should be fun.

My daughter dressed up as a princess for Halloween. She was a beauty in her gown, crown and feather stole. I was very happy to see how well it suited her, and took some satisfaction in the stares of enamored adults. Pride is my sin, if I took such things seriously.

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