Life Reading #1

Past Life Mandala

Phoenix Cards

Sun Card: Medieval Illumination

You are on the verge of a new phase in your life. You’ll be asked for help. Consider very carefully but you might want help out. The opportunities this will reveal are endless.

Moon Card: Roman Hand Amulet

You know you’re ready to move and take what you want. But there are others who need help first. Look around and make sure you give that help before following your own goals.

Mercury Card: Mayan Jaguar Priest

The idea card…you have have something of great value to share. It’s time you do.

Venus Card: Moundbuilder Hand Effigy

While you have been hurt by rejection in the past, you must move past that now. Learn to open up and what you want will follow.

Saturn Card: Chinese Bear

While you are exploring the new relationships do not fully neglect yourself. You cannot help others if you yourself is failing.

Uranus Card: Prehistoric Sorcerer

Remember that consider carefully up above? Make sure you are doing something worthy and not just for attention.

Pluto Card: Islamic Crescent and Star

Stay positive, you are on the right track. Keep going and you will find what you are looking for. Reach out and you will find that relationship right next to you.

Overall…you need to get out and work on being outgoing. Once you do so the pieces will fall into place.

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