Living in Perpetual Twilight: Joing the Ranks of the Jobless

Well, alot has happened in a week and a half.

Vegas was awesome! From food, to entertainment to guns. The ride was a bit weird. I came to the conclusion that Utah just doesn’t want you there. We had a short jump through Arizona. The ride was beautiful. I always pictured Utah as full of barren grey rock for some reason. Really it’s full of all kinds of painted rock formations and strange landscape. Virgin Canyon in Arizona was majestic.

The Paris was my favorite casino. The outdoors inside was beatiful. The food was the best for the price. (check out that night buffet, num). Also the cigar bar, Napolean’s. Good drinks and a free dueling piano show. Those guys will play anything…even if they don’t know it.

We saw Love at the Mirage. If you like pretty, or the Beatles…take a look…they did some really cool things with that song.

We shot guns. (of course). And we got a tour of Nellis Airforce base. Awesome stuff. It gave us a good idea how underfunded our troops are.

Inside the Bellagio they had a garden and some huge pumpkins.

And the Venitian…which was just cool.

So then we came back. Caught up on HerosThe most awesome show on television right now. nbc and scifi are showing it.

And I got fired.

I’m relieved and scared. Glad to be gone and worried about money.

Sigh. Anyone hiring?

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