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The first thing some one says when I tell them I have Fibromyalgia is “Isn’t that the disease that no one believes it exists?”

I’m always kind of shocked by that. I didn’t hear of Fibromyalgia until my doctor told me about it last year when I went in feeling horribly tired and achy. I wasn’t able to sleep most nights and it was hard to think. A year there later there I things I know without a doubt and things which still await answers.

I got my copy of Neurology Now today. The first article dealt with heath insurance changes. They always say health care but that’s not what they mean. Health care doesn’t enter into this at all. Colorado’s high risk pool has already been established prior to the Health Care Bill being passed. It got more money out of this.

I have no denial letters that state I was denied for PCOS. I was told this over the phone. Doesn’t matter though Cover Colorado isn’t affordable insurance in the least. The current and future climate is this: you have to pay to get semi-decent price on health care. Yes, it’s that retarded.

There doesn’t seem to be any single way things are done with Fibro. So this is what I know.

There are 11 points and touching them hurts. That’s the first test. Then they take a lot of blood and a lot of tests. They all come back negative, which is good. Then they hook you up for a night of sleep in a hospital. You sleep normally and they apologize for the electrode goop.

Now the drugs start.

Cymbalta – regulates serotonin in your brain to treat depression. This is the “Is it all in your head drug.” The perceived pain, fogginess, fatigue and disorientation are all in your head this will be your final stop. In my case I began going into serotonin overdose. This is not in my head.

Sleeping Pills – Maybe I’m just not getting enough sleep. This made everything worse. I would fall asleep by nine anyway now I was out by six and getting up at noon. I couldn’t function. Sleep was a factor but not what I needed more off.

Lyrica – developed for diabetes related pain this is basically a muscle relaxer. I was incredibly dizzy for about a week and then I was fine.

Let me just re-iterate this for you. I was fine. I could stay up later than nine. I didn’t hurt. I could think.

Lyrica is a muscle relaxant. Lyrica also cost me $500 a week. There is no generic. This is after I have gone without insurance for a month. Doesn’t matter though. My previous insurance plan and Cover Colorado (had I opted to pay for that) didn’t cover Lyrica anyway. The cost is so prohibitive that my pharmacy would call repeatedly asking if I was sure I wanted to buy this. My doc said okay, no more Lyrica. But there are other muscle relaxants that may help at least partially.

Cyclobenzaprine – A lesser muscle relaxant used for migraines. This is generic. I still have days where I can only put one word out at a time and I can’t remember anything. Or days, like today, where my muscles feel like I just ran a marathon. Or both. But I’m sleeping well. My TMJ and CK don’t bother me as long as I take the pills. Mostly I’m good. Mostly.

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