Logging into Reality

It was an unusual weekend, with ups and downs.

Mocha almost went to J.’s (with the name change of Ragnar) but bad things â„¢ happened. All was well and good until Dagny picked up her cow bone. Then Mocha/Ragnar tried to attack. Food didn’t do it, playtime didn’t do it, but snacks did. What was worse is that then he started to be more aggressive towards other dogs, one would pass and he would launch.

It got bad. He was obviously a one dog kind of dog. We ended up taking him to Table Mountain Animal Shelter where it looks like they could find him a home. If you live in Denver proper you would not be able to take him home because of the pit bull but outside of Denver go and take a look at him. He loves humans but he is not good with other pets. He had me fooled at first.

Luckily, Dagny was not hurt.

J’s friend E. came to town. She was extremely nice and I plan to take Aia over this week and we’ll have dinner again. J’s friends are extremely accepting. I have so much fun with them all around. E. is starting a business having to do with horses. It looks pretty cool.

What Fuzz is taking a turn. I admit, I just don’t have the time for it all. Look for the update as it won’t go away completely.

Nanowrimo is coming up. I’ve got to deal with that one soon. Hooked on Colfax looks like a good place for some major get-togethers. Should be fun.

I need to get myself organized again. After the cleanup fest, tonight, I’ll have to see what I can do.

After the Tacticon fiasco, J.’s giving up Greyhawk. He’s gonna need a place to play soon as he ends up running more than playing. He’s always been a fun GM for me, even before we started dating. (He’s fair too, I get shot as much as anyone else).

I’ve never seen faith move mountains…but I’ve seen what it can to do to skyscrapers.Anon



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4 responses to “Logging into Reality”

  1. Anne T. Avatar
    Anne T.

    Hooked on Colfax is a good place for Nanowrimo. If you have 7 or more you can reserve the basement. It has a nice big table and you won’t have all the noise of the main floor.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Lol…yep I was thinking the same thing…I loved the basement

  3. The Dragon Queen Avatar

    He’s giving up Greyhawk? That seems so hard to believe, though I’ve been lurking on the CoU board and I have to say that the childish fallout from some of the happenings is enough for me to say screw it…

  4. Michelle Avatar

    Yeah…we’ve been discussing what he’s going to with himself at cons.

    He might change his mind but he is thinking about classics now…I’m trying to get him to try a cthullu game…he’s iffy on that though.

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