Look at them go!

Imagine: 50 nekkid* 1st level characters, with wooden Katanas, chasing animated armor, streaking through Quadov (kind of like a turtle that beats the crap out of you at low levels) camp at night.

I told you FFXI was fun.

*Characters in FFXI always have at least the equivalent of underwear on. For guys, galkas and taru it’s clothes…for girls well not too little is left to the imagination.

So I’ve updated quite a bit. Two new recipes. I’ve updated wordpress on the reviews section. I have a new graphic to put up…it will be an expanded version of the sidebar. Not till later though.

There’s been movement on the Paganism page front. The tarot pages are being updated. Keep watch.

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Outline: Dreamfire
Wow, when you’re stupid, Tivo is a potpourrific grab bag of fun!Satchel Pooch






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