Looking for a New Bag – Namaste Disappointment

I was in lust with the Namaste Hip Holster. So when I found one in a local yarn shop, I snapped it up. I loved it, from the hematite hard wear to the twist snaps on the pockets. I’ve had the bag for two months.

Too bad it’s poorly made.

The strap clips started pulling apart a month ago. I could bend them back but I almost lost the bag every other day. Two weeks ago one of them snapped in half completely. I have a chapstick, a small stuffed squirrel, cards, keys, gum and my phone in the bag. It’s not stuffed tight. There is no reason those clips should be bending out of shape and snapping in half.

I tried using the belt flap but the snaps that hold that on keep coming undone. The bag has no handle. So now I have ugly carabiners holding the strap on and I am unhappy.

So I need a new bag. I love my FUL backpack but it is unrealistic that I keep using it and carrying that much. At the same time I need a new bag for my laptop as well. I’m unwilling to buy a more expensive Namaste bag at this point. I’ve not found anything nice for my 12 inch laptop in the local box stores. I’ve heard good things about Sherpani. Any other suggestions?

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